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Chengdu's electricity load reached a new high, calling on citizens to turn off unnecessary electrical equipment. Yesterday morning, the Chengdu Meteorological Observatory issued the No. 19 high temperature orange warning signal. The highest temperature in other districts (cities) and counties except Jianyang and Dujiangyan rose to above 35 degrees Celsius. Affected by this, the electricity load in Chengdu rose steadily, reaching 13.341 million kilowatts at 16:45 that day, the first high in 2019

since the beginning of autumn, the temperature in Chengdu has continued to rise. This kind of electronic universal testing machine usually refers to a fully automatic electronic universal testing machine without manual participation, which is automatically loaded and unloaded and clamped by an automatic extensometer Gao, the "autumn tiger" has just started to gain momentum this past weekend. The arrival of high temperature has also increased the power supply and power load of Chengdu. The maximum power load of 13.341 million KW increased by 5% year-on-year compared with 12.702 million kW in 2018

at present, 22 main transformers of Chengdu Electric Power Co., Ltd. are in full load operation. Chengdu power supply company has taken various measures to ensure the safe and stable power supply of equipment and the overall stable operation of electric power

since the summer peak in 2018, Chengdu power has put into operation 11 new key power projects, with a new substation capacity of 669000 KVA and 168.39 kilometers of lines. In particular, the 220 kV Guangdu Hetao village primary circuit has been successfully put into operation, which has effectively resolved the dilemma of the lagging development of 220 kV and 110 kV supporting power in the southern part of Chengdu and the lack of access to electricity, and effectively alleviated the power supply pressure in some areas of the central urban area during the peak period

at present, Chengdu power supply company has completed the capacity increase and transformation of 4 main transformers in 220kV Longxing station and other stations, and 28 strong oil circulation main transformers in Wuhou station and xujiadu station. For this, please refer to the standard · linear grating ruler or resistance strain gauge in detail: the radiator is flushed during the 3-point zigzag test, and 25 high-voltage fog guns are arranged for the physical cooling of the main transformer under heavy load. There are 235 emergency repair teams of Chengdu power supply company, and more than 9500 emergency repair personnel of various professional types of work in transmission, distribution and transformation will stay in Haixi, Qinghai for 24 hours. Haixi has become an important production base for lithium extraction from salt lakes in China to ensure that the power supply capacity is strengthened during high temperatures

according to statistics, the air conditioning load of Chengdu Electric Power Co., Ltd. has reached 40% of the total load in summer. In order to alleviate the electrical pressure, Chengdu power supply company will implement an orderly power consumption plan under the guidance of the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, take measures such as industrial users avoiding peak load, stopping some glorious projects, limiting the set temperature of air conditioning, etc. in accordance with the principle of "ensuring people's livelihood, ensuring key points and ensuring safety", We will ensure the electricity consumption of residents and key units

at the same time, the mechanical bench of Chengdu power supply experimental platform is composed of electric cylinder loading mechanism, fixture mechanism, load mechanism, platform body, etc. the company also calls on the vast number of industrial enterprises to stagger the peak load, actively choose to use the electrical equipment during the low load period at night, and try to stop the impact load. The air conditioning temperature of shopping malls and buildings shall be adjusted to above 26 ℃ (in summer, the average power will be reduced by about 17% when the set temperature of air conditioning is increased by 1 ℃), and the landscape lighting shall be reduced at the same time. Citizens are also invited to turn off unnecessary electrical equipment, which can not only save electricity and reduce energy consumption, but also make electricity available to the people and jointly create a harmonious power supply and consumption environment. Chengdu Business Daily - Red Star zhongxini

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