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Feng Shui precautions for study decoration generally speaking, it is better to place the desk towards the door. For example, if the door of the study is to the south, you can also place the desk towards the door --- note that the direction of the desk is towards the door, but in the position, you should avoid opening the door, not opposite to the door. Because according to the theory of geomantics, if you are angry outside the door, you will not be able to concentrate, and this long-term position of the desk will definitely bring benefits to your career Losses. In addition, try to reduce the number of windows on the desk to avoid

having a backer

transparent glass curtain architecture is a popular trend. However, as the host of a career or the executor of major decisions, seats must not be backed by glass. This situation of "no backing behind" is the taboo of operators, which will inevitably lose wealth and hinder the development of the career

in addition, do not wash your hands on the left and right sides of the desk, and do not lean back against the bathroom

avoid beam coping

desk also taboo "beam coping", if it is unavoidable, it is also necessary to install a ceiling to cover it. Don't put the beam on the top of the head or desk of the person sitting, otherwise the business operation will inevitably be difficult, which will affect the physical health and mental state

study corner brake

for the desk by the window, pay attention to the sharp corners shot into other houses within ten meters of the window. The farther the distance between the sharp corners is, the smaller the impact is, and the closer the distance is, the greater the impact is. The necessary supplies for work on the desk are also decorative displays of the study. For example, the placement of the four treasures of the study and the placement of the pen container and pen holder all have strong ornamental value and decoration

study decoration Feng Shui precautions

note that the color of the study is generally not too dazzling, but it is not suitable to be too dark. As the study is a place for long-term use, strong stimulation should be avoided. Generally speaking, the colors of the walls and ceilings of the study should choose elegant and soft colors, such as light blue, rice white, light green, gray blue, gray green, etc; The floor can be made of wood floor or carpet. The furniture in the study uses neutral colors such as grayish brown, but the choice of color is ultimately suitable for people

attention points 3 jewelry, green plants

the study is the place with the strongest cultural atmosphere in the home. It should not only have desks, chairs, bookcases, all kinds of books, but also fully integrate all kinds of interests into the decoration: several art collections, such as paintings, sculptures, iron crafts, can be decorated; A few transparent glass bottles, a few ink treasures, even a few simple earthenware, can create a strong cultural atmosphere for the study. Many articles themselves, if properly selected, are also a good decoration

in addition, raising two pots of plants such as evergreen, Clivia, asparagus and Chlorophytum comosum in the study is more pleasing to the eye and can form a quiet and elegant environment. Put oneortwo pots of sketch bonsai on the bookcase, which can increase the sense of tranquility in the study. Bonsai should choose pine, cypress, iron tree and other short, short branched, evergreen plants that are not easy to wither and easy to grow. In addition, small foliage plants can be placed on the desk, or small vases can be placed, and several seasonal flowers can be inserted, which can be changed with the season

note 4 spatial layout

study, as the name suggests, is a room for collecting and reading books. There are so many kinds of books, and there are often read, often read and collected books, so you should classify and store the books, and pay attention to a "preface". Such as writing area, consulting area, storage area, etc., which not only makes the study orderly, but also improves the efficiency of work. The furniture in the study is mainly desk and bookcase. First of all, we should ensure that there is a large space for storing books. The shelf and partition of the bookcase can be made into any adjustable type, which can be adjusted according to the size of the books

the function and division of study vary from person to person. The bookcase and writing desk can be displayed in parallel, or placed vertically, or connected with both ends and the middle of the bookcase to form a reading and writing area. A small study, with a whole group of bookcases as the background along the wall, is equipped with a unique desk in front; The study with a larger area can use the bookcase with varying height as the main tone of the study. The color and shape of desks and seats should be carefully designed to achieve a reasonable and comfortable sitting posture, convenient and natural operation

the size and investment of the study are generally considered according to the size of the room, the owner's occupation, identity and the number of books collected, as well as the owner's economic affordability. Generally speaking, what the study pursues is practicality and conciseness, and it does not have to be expensive. For a book lover, it's probably best to have a quiet and elegant study

Feng Shui problems needing attention in study decoration

common Feng Shui problems in study Decoration - placement of books

placement of books is a necessary work in the study, but few people realize that Feng Shui is particular about it. Generally speaking, the principles of placing books in the study are as follows:

the common Feng Shui problems in the study decoration are introduced first. Finally, leaving Feng Shui aside, we should also place potted plants such as asparagus in the Wenchang position of the study, which is very good for alleviating eyestrain

the porch is a very important place at home, which has a great impact on daylighting and Feng Shui. So what should we pay attention to in the decoration of the porch? Now check the porch decoration precautions, you can refer to

notice 1 for porch decoration: it should be separated from the living room

the porch, as a passage to and from the living room, should be separated from the living room and need not be connected. No matter from feng shui theory or from the reception function of the living room, it is necessary to partition. The premise of partition is not to affect the lighting of the porch and the meeting in the living room

Notice 2 for porch decoration: good daylighting

as the gateway to the house, good lighting is very necessary. When daylighting is considered in the design





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