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Designers skillfully use wallpaper to shape the personality and characteristics of each functional area, and interesting wall decorations also inject more vitality into the space. Such a simple and vibrant three bedroom is most suitable for newlyweds to start a new family

decoration owner files:

decoration community: Poly Huadu (more decoration renderings of poly Huadu community) decoration bidding, decoration map decoration house type: three bedrooms and two halls decoration contract price: 70000

decoration style: modern simple decoration contract: half package

living room design

design focus: wallpaper decoration

editorial comments: decorate the background wall design of the living room with colorful pattern wallpaper, It makes this corner area more prominent and eye-catching, and also adds vitality and beauty to the space

living room design

design focus: create a leisure area in the corner

editor's comments: put the imperial concubine's chair in another corner of the living room, coupled with a storage rack, floor lamp and small tea table, it has become a leisure reading area, which shows the ultimate use of dead space by the owner

Restaurant Design

design focus: Restaurant background wall design

editor's comments: the restaurant background wall design is decorated with elegant white wallpaper, and its small triangle pattern with jumping colors injects vitality and interest into the restaurant, and effectively beautifies the space

kitchen design

design focus: the integration of dining and kitchen

editor's comments: the integration of dining room and kitchen saves space and effectively improves life efficiency. The bright red chandelier forms a sharp color contrast with the background wall design, which increases the vitality of dining kitchen and improves the visual space

kitchen design

design focus: artistic texture

editor's comments: the use of artistic dinner plate decoration background wall design caters to the theme of the kitchen, rich colors and diffuse patterns create an excellent visual effect, and fully enhance the beauty and quality of the wall

[introduction to poly Huadu community]: the project covers an area of 300 mu, with a construction area of about 600000 square meters. The project is located in Huquan street, East Lake high tech Zone, between Luoyu road and Xiongchu street, the two main roads of the city, connecting Wuchang, Hongshan and East Lake high tech administrative zones. The project plot is adjacent to the administrative committee of the East Lake High Tech Development Zone in the north, the South Lake with an area of 6000 mu in the south, the central China Normal University in the west, the Luxiang square in the East, and the 95037 Air Force military management zone, so the safety of residents can be better guaranteed

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