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The career downturn has become a foregone conclusion. In 2016, it is still following this track. Ru'an, a door and window company, counter attacked under the backdrop of China's economic slowdown? Only by grasping the two "sharp edges" of brand and quality, can door and window companies tear out a surrounded mouth in the layers of prevention, and show their sharpness from the detection

brand power decides whether it can successfully survive the reshuffle period

when the competition enters the white hot period, there will be a reshuffle if there is a competition. This will disrupt the original order of all occupations and redistribute professional capital and customers. In this process, shufflers have natural advantages. They can not only shuffle others at a lower cost, but also form market barriers after shuffling. Here, the door and window brand companies that have established brand advantages in the professional sector will be the first to shuffle others, while companies that do not have brand advantages will be the first to fight. This means that whether the door and window brand company has the brand power becomes a key factor for the decisive victory

the introduction of "national standard" puts forward higher requirements for quality

in 2016, home occupation will usher in a new round of formal supervision of the new national standard. The administrative measures for recall of defective consumer goods issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China has been officially implemented on January 1st, 2016. This requires that door and window brand companies pay more attention to safety in terms of production quality. It can be said that in the process of home occupation transformation and promotion, the "national standard" has provided a satisfactory driving force for the development of the company, and also brought more high-quality goods and safety assurance to the people's home life, which has also become an inevitable test faced by door and window brand companies

household goods are mostly necessary to satisfy the ordinary needs of the masses, which also determines that there is a certain trend of homogenization in the function, appearance and personality of the door and window profession as well as the company's sales channels, and consumers gradually increase the need for "heterogeneity" of goods. Then, if the door and window brand company wants to survive in the process of professional innovation, it can only adapt to the needs of consumers to reverse the format and turn the red ocean into the blue ocean





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