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On January 19, another brand-new terminal standard store built by Sanfeng wooden door was grandly opened at the home of the house in Hunnan District, Shenyang! Sanfeng Mumen senior leaders came to the opening site to celebrate the grand opening of the store with the sales elite

Sanfeng wooden door ・ whole house customized incredibly home store is the terminal store that the group company focused on building in 2019. It has been comprehensively optimized and improved in terms of product structure, store operation, promotion methods, etc., and has brought more comfortable shopping experience and more fashionable high-quality household products to Shenyang consumers

product optimization ・ improvement and upgrading of terminal stores

image building and operation management of terminal stores are the basic goals of the group company to continuously make efforts and improve in the construction of terminal store system. This time, Sanfeng wooden door ・ whole house customized Hunnan incredibly home store, that is, starting from the details of product structure, store culture, service system and so on, and taking consumer experience as the starting point, it has carried out comprehensive improvement and optimization

from browsing dynamic lines, product planning, to accessory placement, the store strives to present the home life concept of what you see is what you get for end customers and consumers, as well as more concrete home product solutions, comfortable shopping experience and thoughtful service facilities, making the terminal store an ideal home life experience hall for consumers

trustworthy ・ unanimous praise from consumers

since the first day of opening, the store has prepared high-value discounts and generous shopping gifts, and eye-catching household products have attracted an endless stream of consumers to the store

many customers sign orders in the store on the same day to add a fashion and warmth brought by Sanfeng wooden door to their home before the Spring Festival

solid comprehensive operation ability of stores is the optimization direction of terminal stores. Sanfeng wooden door hopes to create more high-quality benchmark stores in the future and spare no effort to promote the all-round improvement and upgrading of terminal stores

in the future, Sanfeng wooden door will also be built through the operation of the large home furnishing platform, improve supporting facilities, optimize product structure, provide dealers and partners with strong product and production capacity guarantee, bring consumers high-quality home furnishing products with both details and fashion trends, and create an ideal and comfortable life

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