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The bedside table is generally in the inconspicuous corner of the bedroom. Most of them are simple in shape and not much creative. Today we will take a look at these bedside tables with innovative shapes and functions. Choosing a favorite bedside table can not only bring convenience to life, but also better decorate the bedroom space. Why not

a bedside table full of retro flavor, the square shape appears very regular, and the four legs hanging upside down in the shape of gourd add a little roundness to it. The design of four rows of drawers brings sufficient storage space. Different veneers are used on each layer of drawers to enrich the appearance

the all white bedside table is matched with the wood drawer panel, and the upper drawer is hollowed out to create a smiling face expression, which makes the small bedside table instantly have vitality. This bedside table looks full of cartoon colors, chic and warm

a small night light is installed in the black bedside table, which casts a hazy warm yellow light through the ground glass on the counter, adding infinite warmth to home life

the bedside table with container like shape is available in three colors, with old texture, showing a strong industrial flavor. If you have a special preference for industrial style, such a bedside table must be full of personality in the bedroom

elegant European classic bedside table, the combination of wood color and light yellow shows noble temperament. The top drawer can be used to store small items, the middle double door cabinet provides large space for storage, and the lower shelf effectively uses the remaining space. While being practical, the small broken flowers on the cabinet door also make the appearance more beautiful

simple wooden bedside table can also be used as a side table. Its shape design is very similar to the sofa, and its storage function is also sufficient. The abundant space on the upper and lower floors provides great convenience for storage

a bedside table like a small bench. The elegant wood color brings a fresh breath to the space. The simple shape makes it easier to match, which is more consistent in the Japanese style bedroom

used to square edges and corners, it's better to try the round cylinder bedside table. The smooth surface avoids the pain caused by collision to a great extent, and the internal storage space is also sufficient. Three different colors provide more choices for collocation

in fact, the bedside table can also be used as a safe. The mottled paint is full of sense of age, and the four legged pulley design makes it easier to move




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