Nine steps for experts to purchase flooring

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Liu Jianzhong, the manager of Ruijia flooring products department, advised everyone on the precautions for choosing flooring at the activity site hosted by Sina home

at the activity site of "I'm crazy about decoration" hosted by Sina home, Liu Jianzhong, manager of Ruijia flooring products department, advised everyone on the precautions for choosing flooring

Liu Jianzhong said that there are nine steps to pay attention to in the purchase of flooring. If you follow these nine steps, you will choose the products you are satisfied with. First, look at brands. Well-known brands can ensure product quality and after-sales service

brand comes first. If there are problems with product quality and after-sales, this brand will suffer the most

second material. Generally, it is high-density fiberboard. If it is medium density or low density, its internal performance is poor and its service life is very short

third, thickness. The thickness is generally more than 8 mm. Why is this thickness so fixed? This product is imported from abroad. After a long time of experience abroad, it is generally above 8mm

fourth, the number of wear-resistant revolutions is above 6000

fifth, formaldehyde emission is less than or equal to 1.5 mg/L

sixth, after-sales service. This depends on whether it is installed uniformly by the manufacturer, whether there is a free hotline for after-sales service, etc., which reflects the comprehensive after-sales service ability of the brand

seventh, look at dampproof. Whether there are special accessories. If the quality of accessories looks obviously bad, its brand is very imperfect in terms of quality

eighth, price. The price we advocate is comprehensive cost performance. It doesn't necessarily mean that the price of the product is the lowest. This product is the best. We advocate the best combination of product and performance. Today we have many kinds of flooring dedicated to you, which is famous for their cost performance

ninth, packaging. The detailed address and name of the manufacturer should be marked on the package. If it is an imported product, there should be a customs declaration and other things

in terms of floor selection, we have the following figures. If we choose some fake and inferior products, it may cause some accidents or bad effects. First of all, if your home is geothermal, if you choose fake and inferior products, it is easy to produce homogeneous cracking. Moreover, if the formaldehyde emission exceeds the standard, it will affect respiratory tract and other diseases, and this is one of the carcinogens suspected by the World Health Organization. Fourth, the surface is uneven, and it may be easy to fall down during walking. Fifth, if the water content is too high, it is easy to produce cracks, and if the water content is too low, it is easy to produce deformation. Sixth, surface problems. If the wear resistance of the surface layer is not enough, it is easy to scratch and affect the beauty of the floor. Seventh, prevent smoldering and chemical erosion. The last one is that the surface wear resistance is unqualified. After half a year or a few months, the color of the fiberboard below is worn out. This loss is not only a little money, but may need to be replaced

knowledge of laminate floor construction and maintenance. Some work is needed before the construction of laminate flooring. First of all, the laminate floor is suspended pavement, and the floor cannot be nailed to the ground or installed on the ground. Second, the ground needs to be flat, clean and dry before paving. Generally, the ground flatness requires a height difference of 3mm per meter. If we need to do waterproof treatment on the ground floor of a bungalow or building because it is wet, we need to add a damp proof layer under the floor. Third, pre clearance should be made with the ground to reserve the installation position of the floor. Pay attention to the thickness of the ground piece




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