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"High end" is an attitude of excellence, "fashion" is the ultimate pursuit of design

"high end"

is an attitude of excellence


is the ultimate pursuit of design

casual details are the most moving

successful modeling can make your eyes stay

Ruishan door industry can't save your soul

just want to confirm your eyes ~


Ruishan door industry - Home customization

new product samples

fashion aesthetics series



run away, Bright Qihua

beautiful people yearn for a new life

are looking forward to having a warm home

2019 new wooden door

Lean Innovation is coming

make life more "new" and "sweet"

new products are designed and developed on the basis of studying the aesthetic characteristics and consumer demands of young people at present. It interprets the young lifestyle with simple lines, fine arts and gentle colors, and empowers home life

innovation is the source of enterprise development. In recent years, Ruishan door industry - Home customization has continued to innovate in product design and research. The launch of fashionable new products for young consumer groups marks another big step in product research and development

this series of new products is mainly aimed at young consumers, with fashion, personality, taste and style as design elements, and is committed to creating a high-quality and personalized home environment for them

Fashion Top series



the product has soft color, and the clearly visible wood grain tells the mark of time, which is natural and modern. The simple but not simple modeling design and exquisite process details meet the young people's pursuit of fashion personality and style taste

this also means that Ruishan door industry - Home customization is breaking through itself, grabbing young consumer groups, locking in new trends in the future, and laying out a new future for the brand

rison Ruishan has set up a production base of more than 50000 square meters in Quzhou Donggang Economic Development Zone. The company introduces advanced production equipment and adopts advanced technology and technology to provide consumers with quality products. Rison Ruishan has an overall household product series of fashionable craft wooden doors, ecological wooden doors, craft solid wooden doors, fire doors and so on

the company's products have a number of utility model technology patents and a number of design patents protected by the State Intellectual Property Office





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