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Among the emerging materials, steel plastic conforms to the material, which can also be said to be steel plastic pipe. This kind of high-density material has always played the most important role in emerging materials. At present, the most popular material on the market is steel strip reinforced composite pipe. Because the diameter is relatively large, it can also withstand relatively large pressure. Because the middle layer of this material is tight, there is a sealed plastic on its surface as a protective village. Therefore, it also determines its role. It can be used to transport water and has good corrosion resistance. As an important material, it naturally has a variety of sales in the market

steel plastic composite pipe, the product takes seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe as the base pipe, and the inner wall is coated with polyethylene powder coating or epoxy resin coating with high adhesion, anti-corrosion and food grade sanitation. The galvanized plastic coated composite steel pipe for water supply, which is made by pretreatment, preheating, internal coating, leveling and post-treatment, is an upgraded product of the traditional galvanized pipe. The steel plastic composite pipe is generally connected with threads. So what are the general specifications of steel plastic composite pipes? Are all steel plastic composite pipes the same size? The following table shows you the general specification of steel plastic composite pipe

executive standard of steel plastic composite pipe

CJ/t120-2008 Standard

GB/t5135.20-2010 Standard

CJ/t136-2007 Standard

GB/t17219-1998 Health Standard

specification of steel plastic composite pipe

specification DN (mm) outer diameter (mm) wall thickness (mm) meter weight (kg) support weight (kg) inner surface area (M2) inner surface area (M2) per ton (M2) outer surface area per ton (M2)

15× 1.8020.51.80.875.210.3185570.38641661.174.1

15× 1.9020.51.90.915.470.3147870.38641657.570.6

15× 2.0020.820.975.820.3166720.3920754.467.3

15× 2.1020.

15× 2.2020.

15× 2.3020.

15× 2.75(Ⅲ)

15× 2.75(Ⅱ)

15× 2.75(Ⅰ)

15× 2.7521.32.751.327.90.2978230.40149537.750.8

20× 1.80261.81.126.750.422230.49008862.672.6

20× 1.90261.

20× 2.0026.321.257.530.4203450.49574355.865.8

20× 2.1026.32.11.317.870.4165750.49574352.963

20× 2.2026.32.21.378.210.4128050.49574350.360.4

20× 2.3026.32.31.438.550.4090350.49574347.858

20× 2.75(Ⅲ)

20× 2.75(Ⅱ)

20× 2.75(Ⅰ)

20× 2.7526.82.751.7110.250.4014950.50516839.249.3

price of steel plastic composite pipe

the price of steel plastic composite pipe is not invariable. It is recommended that you choose structural building materials and buy them from designated merchants, which not only ensures the quality, but also does a good job after-sales. You can browse more web pages on the Internet, check the prices of some building materials, and decide the purchase options. You should also be familiar with the national regulations on building materials, meet the national standards, and use steel plastic composite pipe materials scientifically

what is the quota of steel plastic composite pipe sleeve

1. If it is threaded connection, it can be applied according to the specification “ Threaded connection of galvanized steel pipe ” Quota sub item: the unit price of steel plastic composite pipe is used as the main material. The unit price of pipe fittings contained in the quota can be calculated as the weighted average value of the price of steel plastic composite pipe fittings according to the quantity in the pipe fitting content table

2. Now some steel plastic composite pipes are connected by grooves, so it is necessary to apply “ Steel pipe groove connection ” Quota, pipe fittings are calculated separately

connection mode of steel plastic composite pipe

1. The steel lined plastic pipe must be made in the manufacturer, and the length of the pipe cannot be adjusted during construction, resulting in inconvenient installation and high construction cost

2. The flanging of the steel lined plastic pipe is very easy to produce cracks due to thermal expansion and cold contraction, resulting in the corrosion of the external steel pipe

3. The manufacturing process makes the fixed length size of this kind of pipe shorter, there are many pipeline interfaces, and there are many hidden dangers of leakage

4. The price depends on the specific caliber and pressure requirements

5. The former is flange connected, while the latter is electrofusion and flange connected

steel plastic composite pipe sleeve manufacturer

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editor's summary: from the figure, we can see that the specification of steel plastic composite pipe seems to be the same as that of ordinary plastic pipe and aluminum plastic pipe, but the toughness of foreign currency and the smoothness of inner wall of steel plastic composite pipe are absolutely different from ordinary plastic pipe and aluminum plastic pipe. The smoothness of the inner wall makes it more resistant to impact, and the reduction of friction makes it more effective. The outer wall of the steel wire composite pipe is also very beautiful, and the beauty of the outer wall also adds a lot of points to it





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