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"High quality products, professional services and healthy life concept" is the basis for us to adhere to the market and achieve sustainable development. There are no products that cannot be sold, only people who cannot sell

"high quality products, professional services and healthy life philosophy" are the basis for us to adhere to the market and achieve sustainable development. There are no products that cannot be sold, only people who cannot sell

kangnaideng Lanqiao wardrobe Hangzhou store tengrong

City: Hangzhou, Zhejiang

main brand: kangnaideng Lanqiao wardrobe

joining time: July 8, 2013

cooperation speech: at the Guangzhou Construction Expo 2013, the novel design and green healthy product concept of kangnaideng Lanqiao attracted me. Later, when I visited the factory, I received a warm reception. The reception staff explained the design concept and production process of the product in detail, which made me firm my confidence in taking conn é don Rancho as the main product of the company. Through the initial running in, I found that the service and support of the headquarters were very awesome. This makes me believe that my original choice is not wrong

business philosophy: "high quality products, professional services and healthy life philosophy" are the basis for us to adhere to the market and achieve sustainable development. There is no product that cannot be sold, only people that cannot be sold. The cultivation and progress of talents are the driving force for the sustainable development of our cause. Only by caring for employees and customers can we truly achieve our cause

experience sharing: just started to operate customized wardrobe products, I dare not say what experience I have. But I have some personal experiences: first, brand building has a certain impact on market sales. In the unequal brand competition, it is difficult for those without brand influence to gain advantages. The owner will not only choose products with high cost performance, but also require the brand to have a certain popularity when purchasing and selecting products. Market experience also tells us that famous brand products are relatively easy to sell. Therefore, it is necessary for the headquarters to consider some influential promotion channels and methods that do not need a lot of investment. Second, the professionalism and experience of sales and design personnel are also important. After the same activity, some people will receive a lot of orders, while others will get nothing. The difference lies in their personal ability. Therefore, team building is crucial to the growth of performance. Third, the adherence to quality is the basis for maintaining market position and achieving sustainable development. In the case of fierce competition in the industry, only by identifying their own customer positioning, developing and designing products that meet the needs of targeted customers, can we maintain long-term competitiveness. Fourth, only by deepening and refining the market can we achieve long-term and stable development. Only when we are down-to-earth, refine and deepen the market, really approach customers, understand their needs, and improve their lives through our products and professional services can we develop for a long time

the above is an interview with Teng Rong, head of kangnaideng Lanqiao wardrobe store in Hangzhou, and some product displays in its store. Guangzhou kanglaike household products Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong joint venture integrating R & D, design, production, sales and service. We have always adhered to the quality policy of "striving for innovation and pursuing perfection". From the establishment of the brand to now, kangnaideng Lanqiao has always adhered to the people-oriented marketing concept, from enterprise employees to partners to our end customers, Every day I feel the happiness and satisfaction brought by conn é don lanjo. We are based on healthy and fashionable products and one-stop home customization services; From the cupboard room to the living room, from the study to the bedroom, we can provide customers with tailor-made products for the whole room, efficiently optimize and solve the storage needs of home life, and take it as our duty to continuously improve customer satisfaction, so as to realize the one-stop marketing concept for you when your home returns to green! Kangnaideng Lanqiao was delighted to cooperate with the young talent of Hangzhou dealer Teng Zong and have the high-quality store image of Hangzhou exclusive store

our corporate culture is: create and enjoy green, change because of you. Our goal is to make people healthy and full of personality while enjoying home life; Koneden Lanqiao rose up with the trend. On the one hand, he will continue to uphold the excellent design concept, on the other hand, he will continue to make breakthroughs in the development of the home furnishing industry, give full play to his big hand, use formaldehyde free ecological boards, and professionally commit to green, personalized whole house home customization, becoming a model of the global green home furnishing industry

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