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Power semiconductor manufacturers have accelerated their investment in GaN and SiC development. According to DIGITIMES research, traditional power semiconductors based on bulk Si materials are gradually difficult to improve their technical performance, and the industry is gradually seeking breakthroughs with new materials. Among them, gallium nitride (GAN) and silicon carbide (SIC) materials with a technical accuracy of 0.1 have attracted the most attention, gallium nitride has a higher switching frequency, and silicon carbide can withstand higher temperatures Greater current and voltage, while the original silicon materials still have cost advantages. It is expected that the power semiconductor market will be divided into three parts in the future

higher withstand temperature and voltage, or higher switching frequency and operation frequency are applicable to different applications. This item alone saves about 1.1 million materials for the mining party. For electric vehicles, hybrid oil and electric vehicles and electrified railways, higher voltage is required. For the new generation of mobile communication base stations or data center machine room equipment, higher switching frequency is required

nitrogen then invested in R & D resources for product development and verification. Although gallium carbide and silicon carbide technologies performed well, they have their own challenges in development at this stage, including high costs, insufficient reliability of technical performance, limited suppliers, and lack of supporting packaging and integration technologies. However, the industry is seeking breakthroughs one by one

in order to accelerate the development of new material power semiconductors, the industry has carried out a number of commercial layouts, including investment in new ventures that are generally similar to the temperature of the machine head, launching mergers and acquisitions, business entity spin offs, technical cooperation, etc. It is expected that power semiconductors will gain new application topics and new growth momentum

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