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On October 14, the only power line maintenance robot in China conducted its first actual battle in Wenzhou. A string of balloons were cut off during live operation on a 220 kV line. In the past, it may take more than 10 hours to complete such work

since this is the first actual battle, we are still in the process of debugging. But at least this time it was successful. On October 14, at the 220 kV line site near the intersection of Wenzhou Avenue and Wenchang Road in Wenzhou, an old engineer from Nanjing to Wenzhou stood in front of the robot control screen and exclaimed excitedly

every year, Wenzhou Electric Power Bureau inspects more than 20 accidents in which foreign objects fly onto high-voltage lines. The damage to power facilities is shocking, and the protection of power facilities is in jeopardy. In the past, we can only deal with it by cutting off the power first and then taking it manually, which has a great hidden danger to the society. Now, after successfully eliminating the danger with the help of electric robots, we can not only eliminate the time and effort of manual treatment, but also monitor the tower and line conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of safe, efficient and stable operation of urban electricity with the safest management, fastest solution, optimal treatment and most efficient implementation

high efficiency of robot live line operation for removing foreign matters

at more than 4:00 p.m. on October 13, Wenzhou Electric Power Bureau sent the line patrol personnel of the electrical district to inspect the routine lines. They found that there was a balloon string hanging on the 220 kV line near the intersection of Wenzhou Avenue and Wenchang Road. We have listed in form 10-K and other documents submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that the balloon had burst and become deflated, But the rope connecting the balloon is still hung on the high-voltage line. In case of rainy weather, it is easy to cause short circuit after wetting, resulting in large-area power failure, and the consequences are unimaginable. The personnel in the work area reported the situation to the superiors in time. After careful investigation, it was found that the balloon string was located in the center of the conductor and was at a high position. It was estimated that the whole process would take 12 hours to remove the balloon string manually, which meant that the two areas with large Puzhou streets would be cut off for 12 hours, and the power loss was more than 2 million kwh. In such a tense situation, this scheme is obviously not desirable. At the critical moment, Wenzhou Electric Power Bureau actively contacted Nanjing juming Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. to ask whether the electric robot jointly developed earlier can be used to obtain mineral resources by holding shares

14 at more than 12 noon, the electric robot came to the scene of the accident. The full name of the electric robot is the transmission line maintenance robot. The whole body is like a big stereo with a base. One of the two big speakers is equipped with sharp scissors, which is specially used to deal with foreign matters (kites, balloon strings, etc. hanging on high-voltage lines) found during line patrol. It has the functions of data diagnosis transmission system, GPS navigation identification positioning system and power system. At 13:15, after the line personnel in the electrician area climbed the tower and sent the robot to the high-voltage line, it began to work automatically. Under the command of the GPS navigation, recognition and positioning system, the arm of the robot with the pulley can walk freely on the power transmission line. When encountering obstacles, it can automatically adjust the arm to climb over, and use the configured camera to record the operation of the equipment in the whole process. At the same time, the detected data and images are sent to the ground base station through the wireless transmission system. The ground personnel master the operation status of the transmission line according to the returned data, and nervously receive the damage, defects and other faults of the line facilities. At 3:30 p.m., after the electric robot patrolled the line to the balloon string, it cut the balloon string with large scissors, and removed the troublesome balloon string from the high-voltage line completely. After more than 2 hours, the robot successfully completed its application

diversified publicity and effective power interaction

since this year, Wenzhou Electric Power Bureau has carried out a number of targeted publicity activities. Taking the power facilities protection publicity week and other publicity activities as an opportunity, it has added fixed publicity in the city's large and small squares. The plastic machine industry will display export hotspots, display posters, banners and other forms to distribute publicity materials, Vigorously publicize laws and regulations such as the electric power law, the regulations on the protection of electric power facilities and the detailed rules for the implementation of the regulations on the protection of electric power facilities to the public, improve the social awareness of protecting electric power, and curb the development trend of external damage to electric power facilities. At the same time, we rented led propaganda cars and broadcast propaganda videos of power facilities in the countryside for more than 50 times. The high-voltage line maintenance robot appeared in the live working activity. Wenzhou Electric Power Bureau actively increased publicity through Wenzhou TV, plane and network media at all levels to give full play to the role of the media. It not only publicized the breakthrough and innovation of power facility protection technology, but also effectively enhanced the people's awareness of consciously protecting power facilities, creating a strong atmosphere for protecting power facilities, so as to effectively curb the occurrence of damage to power facilities

as the power supply in Wenzhou is still in serious shortage this year, how to protect the power facilities has become an urgent problem. Under the careful control of the operation and maintenance personnel, Wenzhou electric power bureau is continuously strengthening the technical improvement in lightning protection, wind vibration protection, pollution prevention, external force damage prevention, etc. through the cooperative development of new machines, the passive situation is changed into the active situation, and the no man's land is conquered, so that more machines can gradually optimize the manual operation, so as to realize the faster and better development of Wenzhou electric power

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