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In the 12th Five Year Plan, it is emphasized to strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction. Energy conservation and emission reduction has also become one of the standards to measure the development of an enterprise. Under this theme, enterprises show their own magic power and contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction. At the beginning of April, 2011, the power supply in some regions of China was in emergency, and the power gap was gradually expanding. Some provinces had to switch off and limit the power supply for three times and five times. The national development and Reform Commission adjusted the electricity price to limit the power consumption of high energy consuming enterprises. When the power shortage comes, the price of electricity has been raised, but the power shortage still exists. Energy conservation is also more important in this period. Energy conservation should start from the source, starting with the power equipment used by enterprises. Let energy-saving frequency converters reduce the burden of power shortage

how do various mechanical equipment consume energy

in order to ensure the reliability of production, various production machines have a certain margin when they are designed to be equipped with power drive. When the sensor reverse motor can not run under full load, in addition to meeting the power drive requirements, the excess torque increases the consumption of active power, resulting in a waste of electric energy

how to save energy for energy-saving inverter

1. Energy saving of frequency converter is mainly reflected in the application of fans and pumps. The traditional speed regulation method for fans, pumps and other equipment is to adjust the air and water supply volume by adjusting the opening of baffles and valves at the inlet or outlet. Its input power is large, and a large amount of energy is consumed in the closure process of baffles and valves. When variable frequency speed regulation is used, if the flow requirements are reduced, the requirements can be met by reducing the speed of the pump or fan. According to hydrodynamics, common lignin plastics of P (power) include lignin/pvc = q (flow) H (pressure). Flow Q is directly proportional to the power of speed n, pressure h is directly proportional to the square of speed n, and power P is directly proportional to the cubic of speed n. if the efficiency of the water pump is certain, when it is required to adjust the flow, the speed n can decrease proportionally, and at this time the shaft output power P decreases in a cubic relationship. That is, the relationship between the power consumption of the pump motor and the rotating speed is approximately the square ratio. When the required flow Q is reduced, the output frequency of the frequency converter can be adjusted to reduce the motor speed n in proportion. At this time, the power P of the motor will be greatly reduced according to the cubic relationship, saving 40-50% energy than the regulating baffle and valve, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving. For example, the frequency converter produced by Manyi Electric Co., Ltd. is applied to the energy saving of fan and water pump type load: the motor power of a centrifugal pump is 55 kW. When the speed drops to 4 of the original speed, it should be coated with anti rust oil/5, the power consumption is 28.16 kW, saving 48.8%. When the speed drops to 1/2 of the original speed, the power consumption is 3 The control system of the tensile testing machine is 6.875 kW, saving 87.5% power

2. Energy saving inverter internal filter capacitor can reduce reactive power loss and increase electric active power

power factor compensation. Energy saving reactive power not only increases line loss and equipment heating, but also mainly reduces electric active power due to the reduction of power factor. In a large number of reactive power consumption circuits, the equipment is inefficient and wasteful. After using frequency conversion speed regulation device, due to the function of inverter internal filter capacitor, Thus, the reactive power loss is reduced and the electric active power is increased

3. The use of frequency conversion energy-saving device for soft start can prolong the service life of equipment and valves.

the hard start of soft start energy-saving motor will cause serious impact on electricity, and it will also have too high requirements on capacitance. The large current and vibration generated during start-up will cause great damage to the baffle and valve, which is extremely detrimental to the service life of equipment and pipelines. After using the frequency conversion energy-saving device, the soft start function of the frequency converter will make the starting current start from zero, and the maximum value will not exceed the rated current, reducing the impact on electricity and the requirements on power supply capacity, and extending the service life of the equipment and valves. The maintenance cost of the equipment is saved

save power, reduce reactive power loss, increase electric active power, reduce electric shock and prolong the service life of equipment and valves. Energy saving frequency converter not only saves power and energy, but also saves equipment maintenance costs. It not only reduced the burden of power shortage, but also reduced the burden of enterprise equipment expenditure. Energy saving frequency converters should be actively used by relevant enterprises. In the power emergency stage, enterprises should use energy-saving frequency converters to reduce the burden of power shortage

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