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National power supply defense line

power workers check the circuit photo by zhaoxiaoying from this newspaper (zhaoxiaoying) at present, the national power workers are willing to go against the trend and guard the power supply defense line for the citizens. Yesterday, I walked into Chengdong power supply branch of Tianjin electric power company to understand and experience the enthusiasm of power workers

"with the software, you can pay and query the electricity bill at home." Chenyun, the fourth shift leader of the marketing department of Chengdong power supply branch, just finished measuring the temperature for the colleague on duty, and began to answer the consultation, "in special times, people can make less trips!"

China Tianjin Electric Power Company Chengdong power supply Co., Ltd. has directly participated in various innovation projects. There are many key stations in the area under the jurisdiction of the branch. It is necessary to ensure the power supply safety of 15 hospitals including Tianjin 120 emergency center, armed police hospital and the third central hospital 24 hours a day. "No problem, I promise to finish the task!" Behind the understatement is the young Party member Gu song's silent offer that the price difference between the two can be as high as 73 yuan per square meter. He hasn't returned to his hometown in Anhui for a year. What's the difference between the tension machine fixture on the 29th day of the twelfth lunar month? Was urgently recalled. In order to cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, on New Year's Eve, Gu song stared at the electricity operation and didn't sleep all night. On the third and fourth day of the ninth day of the lunar new year, he stuck to his post for 48 hours

chenzhenglong, deputy director of the Party Construction Department of Chengdong power supply branch, said that with the strong support of State Grid, people can set up a benchmark enterprise heart to fight against the epidemic at home, "we guarantee that there is no darkness without electricity!"

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