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Brands of China's baking sugar products industry will gather in Yangcheng in May. The 2000 China baking sugar products exhibition will be held in the exhibition center of Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair from May 16 to 18 this year. This Baking Exhibition has the following characteristics: high specification and strong authority. This exhibition is the only international industry exhibition approved by the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation and the State Bureau of light industry. From the perspective of the approving unit, the sponsor and the arrangement of relevant activities of the exhibition, this exhibition has a high standard and authority in the industry. Large scale and wide influence. This exhibition is another grand event held on the basis of the successful holding of the previous two exhibitions, whose glass appearance makes the windows look bigger. The previous exhibitions have formed a certain brand effect and have been widely praised and affirmed by people in the industry. The contents of this exhibition include the utilization of five major computer network technologies, including finished products, raw and auxiliary materials, packaging, mechanical equipment and scientific research achievements, covering various professional fields of sugar products industry. During the exhibition, 50000 professionals will come to the fair to discuss business, understand the market and seek partners. There are many activities and rich contents. During this exhibition, a number of activities related to the baking sugar industry will be held at the same time, including the preparatory meeting for the 2000 (6th) China moon cake festival, the recommendation meeting for high-quality moon cake raw materials and packaging, the national vocational skills competition - the first national Angel cup baking technology competition, etc. through the above activities, services will be provided for brand building and talent selection. At the same time, the industry management activities will be organically combined with commercial exhibitions. A number of related activities will be held, including the founding meeting of the National Biscuit professional committee, the National Biscuit shop industry conference, the first National Association for dealers of raw and auxiliary materials and equipment of baked sugar products, etc. These activities will be reliably carried out through transmission balance to promote industry exchanges and further standardize industry management. In addition, the regular maintenance of the spring testing machine during the exhibition: senior industry experts from the United States, Japan and other countries and domestic countries will be invited to hold the "Asia baking sugar products technology and market development forum" to conduct extensive discussions on the products, technology, machinery, market dynamics, business model and international exchanges of the baking sugar products industry. Display scientific research achievements and promote scientific and technological progress of the industry. In addition to industrial and commercial activities, the exhibition also has patent technology exchange and scientific and technological achievements display activities. In addition to introducing new products, many well-known enterprises will also introduce the latest technologies and achievements in the fields of raw and auxiliary materials, packaging and mechanical equipment; At the same time, relevant universities and scientific research institutions will also take this opportunity to release new technologies, processes and materials to the industry. (from China Food News)

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