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What did you do in 2013 to improve your sales, your team and your performance? The four excellent dealers of Yadan shared the most tangible dry goods

host: Han Feng, teacher of Guangzhou "guirenxiangzhu" marketing group

guest: excellent dealer representative of Yadan

host: this afternoon, what was held was a relatively new link. In the past, our excellent dealer friends came on stage, and there would be speeches or ppts, to put it simply. Last year, I personally spent more than 100000 on air tickets and flew to many cities. I found that the haze was getting worse and worse. Whether it was Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or prefecture level cities, I saw a misty patch when I got off the plane. So we need more environmental protection products, as the passage said: a child named Xiao Ming in Northeast China, his mother is very beautiful. One day Xiao Ming asked his mother: Why are you so beautiful and I am so ugly? His mother said: when I met your father, it was foggy and I didn't see clearly

now let's welcome our excellent dealers to the stage, President Xia Yecun from Lu'an, Anhui, President Liu Hu from Xiangyang, Hubei, President Jingjiang Fengjing from Yuncheng, Shanxi, and President Ding Yadong from Huaibei, Anhui. Applause

now our forum officially begins. Today's forum is in this form. We have prepared a whiteboard for each guest. This is not an exam, but an on-site summary and outlook. For 2013, only by summarizing the past can we better look forward to the future. Today, these four excellent dealer friends, first summarize your 2013 with one sentence and several keywords. What did you do in 2013 to improve your sales, your team and your performance? We give these four excellent dealer friends one minute to write. Today, we want to share the words in our heart, the driest thing, with our excellent dealer friends sitting here

let's start with President Xia in Lu'an. We talked a lot yesterday. He is 86 years old, a young post-80s generation. I was very surprised after talking to him. He did a lot of solid, clear and subversive actions. Let's take a look at his keywords in 2013

president Xia of Lu'an, incubate the team and practice hard

president Xia: my summary in 2013 is team building and enlarging the platform. Team building needs a bigger platform to set off

host: you have done a lot of systematic work in team incubation and team building. Please share it with you in detail

President Xia: on May 26th last year, supported by the company, we conducted a conical strategy activity. After the launch of the event, a lot of people came into my store, and many advertisements were smashed. Finally, I found a problem: I can't deal with people who come to my store. I can only catch some of them. My advertisements are smashed at other people. So I realized that if we want to do well, we must build a team and make the team excellent, so that we can catch more orders. I haven't done any activities since May 26, and I began to practice basic skills and build a team. Before building the team, we should recruit personnel, and then carry out communication and a series of training. In fact, many of our bosses are very excellent. They are all No.1, including I communicated with some of Yadan's family yesterday. He signed the bill in the store, designed it, and so on. He is really good, but he forgot to incubate talents. For example, my little summer is very good and can sell goods, so another little summer I incubated is also very good at selling goods. If so many dealers here hope to do well, we will incubate more dealers, and Yadan will grow up quickly

host: Thank you, Mr. Xia, for sharing. The previous situation was that he had a lot of advertisements, which was equivalent to that he had cannons, but it was not planes that hit, but mosquitoes, because his store's order receiving ability was relatively poor. But Mr. Xia has done a lot of work in talent training and incubation, creating more Mr. Xia, so that everyone can work automatically and spontaneously, but how to do it specifically and what measures are there? Can you share it

president Xia: This is the key point. From last June to the Chinese new year, I was in the store all the time, holding three meetings every day. In the morning, it's how to do today, set tasks and goals; Afternoon meeting, summarizing what was not done in place this morning; At the evening meeting, summarize the parts that were not done well in the afternoon and what should be done tomorrow. Anyway, it just kept repeating. President Hu also said this sentence in the morning, saying that in the store, we should pay attention to one thing: how employees talk about orders and how employees receive them. Once the guest has left, immediately sit down and talk about what problems occurred in the process of receiving the guest just now and how to change it next. Take out the good parts and share them together

host: Thank you. Let's take a look at President Ding from Huaibei to share

general manager Ding in Huaibei, how to make the community promotion play a role

general manager Jing: refine the community promotion and how to maintain regular customers. It is obviously inevitable for us to integrate into the promotion of advertising. It is a shortcut to intuitively recover part of the investment in the short term. Because each order includes hard and broad investment and joint investment. In the end, if you want to promote the order, it is still people to people communication, including large activities. At most, it is people to people communication, so we chose such a shortcut. Many advertising companies are also buying out the operation of the community. From this perspective, we have developed into buying out the advertising operation of the whole community. I tried a community for the first time, and after my reasoning and analysis, I felt that this was very feasible. Then I bought five more districts. Why should I buy out the districts? The purpose of buying out the community is to control the entry of the same industry. Other wardrobe advertisements and salesmen cannot enter, which gives full play to the greatest function of our advertisements

host: Thank you, President Ding! Selflessly shared his experience. Let's take a look at Mr. Jing of Yuncheng. In fact, President Jing also gave me a great shock. He did a very good job in the operation of the whole company and the management of employees in terms of pattern and mentality. There is a case that he wants to give his new employee a horse 6 (Mazda 6, car) without making any achievements. How did Jing always do it and why did he do it? Would you share your excellent highlights with us

general manager Yuncheng Jing, you have to give up before you get it. If you recognize it, you must do it well.

General Manager Jing: when I first started to be Yadan, I had a belief: since I chose Yadan, I will die and die on Yadan. Because I recognize this thing, I have this motivation. I must find a way to do it well. Of course, the premise of doing it well is by myself. But my personal ability is limited, so I have to have someone do it for you. How to choose and use this person, including how to give his salary, is a problem. I have a belief that only this person can create value for you. As the saying goes, you can only get something if you give up. As long as you give up, you will definitely get something in return. So there's nothing in employing people, so just move forward when you identify things

host: Mr. Jing said very well that only when you have a house can you get a lot, and only when you have a big house can you get a lot. Then please share your employee's salary level, including giving your employee a horse 6. Why do you give it to him? Do you have any concerns? What did you think then? What is the result of the harvest

president Jing: my biggest problem is that sometimes I'm impulsive, so I can talk. I must have been in contact with the person I decided in the early stage for more than one year and two years. I know this person better. There is no problem with ability. The key is how to use him. We often communicate together. I know his ideas and ideas very well. I will jump out some sparks in the process of talking with him. I just trust him very much, that's all

host: Thank you, President Jing. Finally, let's listen to Xiangyang's general manager Liu's sharing. His whiteboard says "surpass Sophia". Mr. Liu has the largest advertising investment and the largest store area of 700 square meters, which is also a very excellent store in Yadan. Mr. Liu, please share your driest things

Xiangyang president Liu, do a good job in advertising promotion

president Liu: our strategy is to be in all high-end residential areas in Xiangyang, so advertising must go in, even at a high price. The current market competition is that wine is also afraid of deep alleys, so this advertising is inevitable and must go in. Including Mr. Zhang, who went to see our opening, said that our street signs were too stingy. But now, our signboard advertising is doing very well. After three months, we have done it for another three months. Basically, it has been done until the end of the year

host: what criteria do you have for choosing road signs, President Liu

Mr. Liu: the fence and signboard advertisements beside the road in winter, new buildings, or the most prosperous areas

Host: just now, we have made a review and summary of 2013. Looking forward to 2014, what are you going to do and what are your landing practices? How do you reach it? What is the sales target in 2014? Please write it down

president Xia: 2014, sales target: 20million! Next year, four bosses will be brought out

president Ding: increase the promotion of the community and build and improve the team building. The annual target is 6million. Defeat Shangpin homestead

president Jing: 1. Team building continues to be strengthened. 2. Refine the service system. 3. The task objective must be completed. The annual target is 8million

president Liu: clarify the goal and become the first in the industry! Do a good job in advertising promotion and channel expansion





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