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A cabinet that has been with you for 30 years for half a century; A cabinet that can soak in water for 365 days; A zero formaldehyde cabinet is the safest cabinet to protect pregnant women and babies. It is fadeo stainless steel art cabinet

a cabinet that has been used for 30 years and has accompanied you for half a century

a cabinet that can soak in water for 365 days

a safe cabinet with zero formaldehyde to protect pregnant women and babies

it's so awesome. Do you know who it is? So Xiaobian seriously tells you that it is the unique world's first "zero" formaldehyde safety cabinet - fadeo stainless steel art cabinet

from April 15 to 17, fadeo stainless steel art kitchen cabinets appeared at the 2016 China Home Expo in Kunshan. The Huaxia Home Expo has a total of 2000 booths, with an exhibition area of 35000 square meters. More than 300 first-line brands of all categories are gathered, with a strong lineup. Fadeo's eight core technologies have attracted the favor of many users. What are the technologies of fadeo that are highly recognized by everyone

1. Panel anti falling technology

independent patents create a new anti falling technology. Each door panel will not fall off after being used in high temperature and humid environment for more than ten years, and will still remain bright

2. Paint baking process at 220 ℃

paint baking process at 220 ℃ is a paint baking process in the industry, which truly achieves the automotive paint baking technology

3. Smart positioning and opening technology

ultra laser numerical control technology positioning and opening, and the hole position error is nearly zero. The copper core of the fixed base is installed in the hole to make the connection between the screw and the cabinet more tight, so as to ensure that it will not be loose and rust for more than 30 years

4. One piece seamless process

under high temperature, it will not deform and crack under arbitrary impact and pressure

5. Technological intelligence, one step ahead

intelligent lighting system, intelligent lifting system, intelligent voice control system, intelligent rice bucket, etc. Let your life follow your inclinations

6. Green environmental protection

achieve "zero" formaldehyde safety and environmental protection

7. Patented shockproof technology

makes the cabinet table more stable and durable, and the kitchen more silent

8. The original kitchen weight suspension technology

adopts trapezoidal hanging code. The bearing weight can reach 250kg, ensuring the safety of cabinets and hanging cabinets

hearing is false? Seeing is believing. Quickly polish your eyes, come to the scene, and directly hit the charm of fadeo stainless steel cabinet





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