Very practical home decoration ideas

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In the process of home decoration, we often encounter some problems. Here are some very practical decoration ideas. They seem simple, but they are very in line with people's actual life needs and habits. In the process of home decoration, they may give you some inspiration

first, skillfully use the space under the stairs

in the family decoration of duplex structure, as long as the load-bearing of the stairs is guaranteed, the space under the stairs should also be fully used. Consider making a bar next to the stairs, so that the space under the stairs will become a good place to store wine and hold wine utensils

second, when decorating the bathroom, use the wall toilet

today's room type design pays more and more attention to the bathroom. Therefore, the area of the bathroom is larger than before. Correspondingly, many people have higher requirements for the decoration of the bathroom. How to create a beautiful and tidy bathroom? The wall toilet is being used by more and more people. When decorating the toilet, install the water storage part of the toilet into the wall, and use stainless steel design on the outer wall. Such a toilet will make people feel modern and Avantgarde

third, the shoe cabinet is designed as a hanging type

because the space of some rooms is too small, it is difficult to design. What should we do when decorating? In such porch decoration, it is a good idea to design the shoe cabinet into a compact type. In a narrow space, install a hanging shoe cabinet. The cabinet is very thin, just the width of a pair of shoes. This saves space and pays attention to practicality

IV. make bookshelves by the main guard door

many people have the habit of reading in the bathroom. One way is to install bookshelves on both sides of the main guard door to put some books, and a locker is placed next to the bookshelf. The whole bookshelf and the wardrobe become one, and each performs its own duties. After the door of the wardrobe is opened, the master bedroom bathroom can also be hidden, making the master bedroom look simple and generous

v. deal with the light with the rolling leaf curtain

the flexible rolling leaf curtain can expand and contract freely, and can adjust the indoor light as the light angle changes, which can not only block the strong light directly exposed, but also retain the light transmitted from other positions. When not in use, it can be hidden in the dark groove at the top with a gentle pull. The leaf rolling curtain does not occupy a place, and it will not fall on dust due to long-term placement

VI. small appliances hidden in glass doors

in addition to air conditioners, how to place small appliances often used, such as drinking fountains and small TVs, is also a problem. When decorating the home, you can consider designing a display shelf. According to the size of the electrical appliances, you can design the size of the display shelf and shelf in advance, so that the electrical appliances can be easily put in, and then install a frosted glass door that can slide freely outside the shelf. When not in use, the frosted glass door can hide the electrical appliances to achieve a good and beautiful visual effect

VII. Hide electrical appliances with shutters

many families will install cabinet air conditioners in the living room. How to make the huge cabinet become a part of indoor harmony? When decorating the family, we can consider making a niche for the air conditioner, and then install shutters outside. Open the shutters when using air conditioner, and close the shutters when not using air conditioner. In this way, the air conditioner can be completely integrated into the whole living room

VIII. Unify the style with wallpaper

a good interior designer will consider that every part of the room is harmonious and perfect. For example, the same wallpaper is used for the door and the wall next to it. When the door is closed, the visual effect of this wall is harmonious and unified. Only after the door is opened can we find that there are holes inside




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