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Tepri constellation series wallpapers are matched with different lucky colors according to the characteristics of different constellations. Designed by German design master born Hagen, the little prince of constellation Daren blesses you, making your home life full of joy

"Earth" - Constellation wallpaper

tepri constellation series wallpaper is matched with different lucky colors according to different constellation characteristics. Designed by German design master Boone Hagen, with the blessing of the little prince of constellations, your home life will rise

"Earth" · earth sign wallpaper "Earth" represents earth sign, which dominates the senses and is composed of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo

crowd characteristics: noble and elegant, love nature

home style: simple and classical design, color application in favor of natural color, making the whole home more harmonious and warm

lucky colors: natural colors such as gray white, beige, malachite, dark blue

lucky flowers: lilies, dahlia, iris

key words: "exclusive elegance"

Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, are all negative constellations. Because their personality is not so easy to open, they all have practical, material, stable, loyal, follow, emphasize experience, slow, continuous and abide by principles, At the same time, they also symbolize the executive power of life, and show the significance of life with perseverance, effort and endurance. Therefore, it is often hoped that others can give them more affirmation and appreciation, and can have rules to follow, so as not to lack the development direction of life

"land" · basic product information

1. Style: light luxury and fashion

2. Code: er

3. Specification: 0.525m*10m, 1.1m wide wallpaper, 2.8m high seamless wallpaper

4. Weight of finished product: 130-300g/㎡

5. Technical elements: digital inkjet painting, round screen ink printing

6. Advantages and features: ten ring certified products Personalized self fashion

"ground" · a list of exquisite Wallpapers

"ground" · Suxin Yewen - er100 series

"ground" · Suxin Yewen · er1001yzw

"ground" · Suxin Yewen · er1005yzw

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"ground" · flowers of clouds - er200 series

"ground" ·Flower of clouds · er2001ssw

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land · traces of the ages - er300 series

land · traces of the ages · er3001yzw

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land · rain flower stone Luo - ER400 series

"land" ·Yuhua Shiluo · er4003

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"ground" · sands ethereal - er500 series

"ground" · sands ethereal · er5005a

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"ground" · lattice moon shadow - er600 series

"ground" ·Lattice window moon shadow - er6005a

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tepri Wallpapers has cooperation with domestic first-line Wallpapers retail brands; More than 200 real estate developers across the country, 30% of hospitals and 25% of five-star hotels are using tepri products. Tupley has witnessed the start of China's wallpaper industry and has been promoting the development of China's wallpaper industry for more than 40 years

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