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The beautiful, durable and artistic wall cloth brings not only comfort and convenience to our home life, but also taste, style and a new feeling of life. With the rapid economic growth, increasingly serious environmental problems threaten people's health. People are eager to return to nature and pursue a healthy life. Therefore, choosing environmental friendly breathable seamless wall cloth has become the first choice of modern home furnishings

◆ bedroom: self space shows personality

generally speaking, bedroom decoration tends to the preference of the hostess. If the hostess is a capable professional woman, home decoration should reflect a kind of boldness and atmosphere. You might as well choose the wall opposite the bed as the background wall, and pave the flower pattern wall cloth completely different from the other three walls. Pay attention to the color of the flower center is consistent with the color of other walls, and the overall feeling is atmospheric, romantic, and full of artistic feeling

◆ living room: it should be simple and elegant, and suitable for tranquility

the living room is the place to receive guests. Generally, don't decorate it too personalized. If it is full of wall decoration, you can choose the wall cloth with light flowers, which will make the living room space appear larger. European style decoration can be matched with the wall cloth of vertical stripes; Modern ones should use cold colors, so warm colors will make people feel irritable if they are used for a long time. The color matching of the background wall should adapt to the furniture, but pay attention to the use of no more than three colors, otherwise it will appear very messy

◆ toilet: the walls in the dry area should be moisture-proof

generally speaking, few toilets use wall cloth, but if your bathroom is a dry and wet area, you can use wall cloth in the dry area without worry. The wall cloth of the bathroom should choose some very light colors, which will make the bathroom very clean

tips: the basic material of wall cloth is cloth, so we should still choose the quality carefully. Generally speaking, when selecting wall coverings, in addition to your own preferences and spatial tonality, you should also pay attention to the consistency of patterns and patterns, and whether there will be color differences when splicing and posting. In terms of materials, it is best to choose a thicker wall cloth with high stability

design the wall color according to the actual situation of your room, and think about the feeling requirements you need. The following are suggestions for various designs and the selection of wall cloth:

1. Using small patterns or wall cloth without patterns can make the segmented wall have a sense of integrity

2. Matching the pattern or shape of the wall cloth with the decorations in the room can be very unique

3. Using small flowers, small patterns or large grid patterns with a white background will make the room look larger

4. Irregular patterns such as wood particles can be matched with the pattern of dado, which will make the wall more effective

5. Use straight strips or a kind of wall cloth with upward support feeling, and the ceiling must be light color, so that the room can look higher

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