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The number of papers on artificial intelligence in China ranks first in the world.

"China is the world leader in artificial intelligence research." According to Der Spiegel magazine in Germany, a new analysis report by Elsevier publishing group, one of the world's largest publishers of scientific, technological and medical literature, shows that no country has published as many research papers on artificial intelligence as China in the past 20 years. This makes the German business daily call that since the industrial revolution, western countries have lost the leading position of important global technologies for the first time

Elsevier's report found that in the past 20 years, Chinese researchers published about 134000 research papers on artificial intelligence. Only 106000 papers were published in the United States. In fact, since 2004, China has surpassed the United States to become the world leader in AI research. India, which ranks third, has published 35700 research papers. Followed by Britain and Japan, Germany ranked sixth with 25300 articles. According to the report, in the field of artificial intelligence research, China and the United States are far ahead, and other countries are difficult to surpass. At most, they can only compete for the third place

"artificial intelligence research has become an important field of scientific research", the report said that on the whole, the publication of research papers in the field of artificial intelligence has been accelerating in the past five years, with an average annual growth of about 12%. In comparison, the publication of research papers in the whole scientific field increased by only 0.8%

why does China rank first in the number of research papers in the field of artificial intelligence? Elsevier's report analyzes that part of the reason is that Chinese researchers prefer to work in universities rather than the private sector. In the United States, on the contrary, such personnel from universities and research institutes continue to flow to the private sector. There is also a brain drain in Europe, most of which go to companies outside Europe. Schwittfiger, who used to be an assistant professor at Shanghai University of science and technology, told the German edition of the "hepven post" station that China is investing heavily in the research that the artificial intelligence accuracy of universities and research institutes can meet the requirements. Foreign scientists are welcome to participate. Scientists can obtain well-equipped laboratories, which is unlikely to be achieved in similar work in the United States and Europe

when this report was released, German President Steinmeier's first state visit to China since taking office came to an end. This visit was called "digital technology journey" by the media. German focus weekly 9 said that Steinmeier could be equipped with paperboard compression tester and carton compression machine if possible. During his visit to China, he saw how China has developed into a digital country. Germany only launched the strategy of "moving towards the position of global leading artificial intelligence technology" in November, but now five of the seven most valuable companies in the field of artificial intelligence are from China. Europe was well left behind

Kempf, chairman of the German Confederation of industry, recently called on Germany to look for artificial intelligence talents all over the world. The goal is beauty 1. What should be paid attention to when the plastic tensile machine is running? Researchers on the west coast of China and those in China who have failed to meet their talents. The German economic magazine Heise commented that China's road to becoming an artificial intelligence superpower is unstoppable, because the Chinese people are more receptive to new technologies, and we are all one-stop services

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