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Chinese auto parts enterprises are trying to "remanufacture"

"'remanufacture green wealth 'is a bright idea", zhangboshun, Secretary General of the market and Trade Committee of the China Automobile Association, said recently that the remanufacture of auto parts is an important way for the automobile industry to develop circular economy

the concept of "remanufacturing green wealth" put forward by zhangboshun was first seen in the "07 China auto parts industry annual conference and the second China Auto Summit Forum" held in Wuhan from September 1 to 3. At the forum, this concept was first mentioned in the report "remanufacturing to create green wealth" made by the relevant person in charge of China Automobile Industry Association

at the 2007 China automobile industry development international forum held in Tianjin later, Dong Yang, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Automobile Industry Association, once again said that the remanufacture of auto parts is an important way for the automobile industry to develop circular economy

according to the statistics of China Automobile Association, China's car ownership continues to grow. The conservative target for 2010 is 55million vehicles (excluding three wheeled vehicles and low-speed trucks), with an average annual growth of 14.81%. Assuming that 5% - 7% of the cars are scrapped every year, it can provide a very sufficient "blank" for remanufacture

senior government officials pay attention to "remanufacture"

"remanufacture is the industrialization of high-tech repair and transformation of waste products. It is not only an advanced manufacturing that saves resources, but also a green manufacturing that protects the environment." Zhangboshun explained: "there is a difference between remanufacture and traditional manufacturing. In terms of processing objects, remanufacture uses waste parts, while traditional manufacturing uses raw materials. In terms of processing technology, traditional manufacturing uses traditional manufacturing technology, and remanufacture uses special high technology. The quality standards of remanufacture are exactly the same as those of traditional manufacturing. Remanufacture is the best for economic and environmental benefits."

remanufacture has been highly valued by the central government. In April2006 and JUNE2007, Vice Premier Zeng Peiyan wrote in relevant reports: "agree to take auto parts as a pilot of remanufacturing industry, explore experience and develop technology", and "at the same time, consider revising laws and regulations in due time"

the Ministry of Communications issued Order No. 7 in 2006, specifying that automobile maintenance enterprises can use repair parts (remanufactured products). The national development and Reform Commission, in accordance with the spirit of the instructions of the leaders of the State Council, has entrusted the China Automobile Industry Association to list the "development of automobile parts remanufacturing industry" as a subject for research

"who is the first" crab eater "?

according to zhangboshun, some enterprises have begun to focus on the remanufacture industry and remanufacture market. The first enterprise to test the water is Boke (Changshu) Motor Co., Ltd., which set up a factory in Shekou, Shenzhen in 1986 to remanufacture auto generators. In 2006, it opened the first auto parts remanufacturing supermarket in Beijing and set up the first auto parts remanufacturing station

the first Sino foreign joint venture remanufacturing enterprise established by Jinan Heavy Truck Group Fuqiang power in 1994 with the approval of the former Ministry of machinery. Enterprises that have already started remanufacturing business include Shanghai Volkswagen ribard power assembly Co., Ltd., caterpillar remanufacturing industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Huadu global automatic transmission Co., Ltd. There are FAW, Dongfeng, Yuchai, Weichai and Suzhou Aidi electromechanical Co., Ltd. under active preparation

according to the data of the China Automobile Association, the output value of the global remanufacture industry in 2005 was estimated to be more than $100 billion, and the remanufacture industry in the United States was the largest, more than $75billion. The automobile remanufacturing industry covers engine, transmission device, clutch, starter, air conditioning compressor, etc

Volkswagen has remanufactured 7.48 million original recycled engines since 194, saving 337366 tons of steel and 46876 tons of aluminum, and reducing 572220 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The remanufactured engine price of Shanghai Volkswagen ribard powertrain Co., Ltd. is 55% of that of the new engine

development faces multiple obstacles

there are still many problems in the remanufacture of auto parts in China

zhangboshun believes that the first is the concept barrier. "Relevant parties think that since it is scrapped, how can it be used for remanufacture; some consumers think that remanufactured products are inferior to new products and are unwilling to use remanufactured products"

followed by regulatory constraints. According to the administrative measures for the recycling of end-of-life vehicles (Decree No. 307 of the State Council in june2001), the disassembled "five assemblies", such as engine, steering gear, transmission, front and rear axles and frame, should be returned to the furnace as "scrap metal and sold to iron and steel enterprises as smelting raw materials". In view of regulatory constraints, it is difficult for remanufacturing enterprises to obtain remanufactured cores from recycling and disassembly enterprises

"if it is replaced with remanufactured 7. It is very troublesome to go to the traffic management department to change the engine number if it is estimated that the designed product can have excellent performance in practical application." Zhangboshun said, "only by revising relevant laws and regulations can the gradual development of the remanufacturing industry be started."

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