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China's alcohol exports continued to be depressed

in January this year, China exported 48499 kiloliters of alcohol, the lowest level in history. Compared with the export of 1017779 kiloliters in 2006, China's export shrank significantly for three consecutive years. This is the news obtained from the 2009 Annual Conference of China's alcohol industry held in Nanning on the th

it is reported that affected by the formulation of policies and measures in 2006 (1) and the cancellation of the national alcohol export tax rebate policy in September, the cumulative export volume dropped sharply to 129973 kiloliters in 2007 and 10811 kiloliters in 2008. Especially after the financial crisis and the sharp fall in oil prices, the demand for industrial alcohol almost stagnated. The price of alcohol fell from about 5400 yuan/ton at the beginning of October last year to 4400 yuan/ton in November and 3900 yuan/ton in December. According to incomplete statistics of the China Alcohol Association, the shutdown rate of national alcohol production enterprises exceeded 50%. In January this year, the price of alcohol was still at a low level. China exported 48499 kiloliters of alcohol, the lowest level in history under such a model

at the same time, in 2007 and 2008, China imported 677726 kiloliters of alcohol and 401934 kiloliters of alcohol respectively

Wang Qi, chairman of alcohol branch of China Brewing Industry Association, said, Seriously low in domestic and foreign markets, the company said the new plant "It is the first step to achieve the goal of zero landfill. In this case, exports need to rely on the adjustment of national tax policies. However, in the context of the international financial crisis, the recovery of export demand still needs to wait.

Wang Qi stressed that enterprise competition is actually a competition of Technology and management level. Taking corn alcohol as an example, the average water intake for domestic production of 1 ton of alcohol is about 20 tons, and individual enterprises with high technology can reach less than 10 tons to 5 tons about. After the fierce competition and reshuffle of the industry in recent years, the number of enterprises in the industry has decreased. At present, the total number of Enterprises above the industry scale is 210. At the same time, he believes that the trend of alcohol production transferring to the main raw material production areas and developing towards large-scale will continue. Large and medium-sized alcohol enterprises have occupied a dominant position in the market, and some backward production capacity will be eliminated in the market competition. Domestic small and medium-sized alcohol production enterprises will face the severe test of restructuring and integration

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