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Chinese big companies should first get rid of the "small business disease"

the legend of McKinsey is a very meaningful book, not because its title contains the words "McKinsey", but because the protagonist of the book is the late Marvin bower

I believe you are no stranger to Peter Drucker, the management master who just passed away, and Marvin Bauer, Drucker's close friend, may not be well known in China. In fact, Bauer enjoys a high reputation in the West and is widely praised as the founder of modern management consulting industry. As early as 1989, Time magazine of the United States had listed him in the "Hall of fame" that had a profound impact on the global business community in the last century

McKinsey's guide and conscience

Marvin Bauer served as the global chairman of McKinsey from 1950 to 1967. However, in fact, his influence on McKinsey far exceeded this period. He has served McKinsey for more than 60 years and has always been the guide and conscience of the company

Marvin Bauer was employed by James McKinsey, the founder of the company, in 1933. At that time, McKinsey had only two branches in Chicago and New York, with only 15 employees. Since then, Marvin Bauer has devoted himself to leading the development of James McKinsey on the basis of his experience in the legal profession and the professional skills he mastered when studying law and business administration at Harvard University

Marvin Bauer's core value system is mainly based on four ideas. First, the unremitting pursuit of effectiveness based on the perspective of senior management; Second, the professional spirit of the supremacy of customers' interests; Third, the people-oriented culture of cultivating leading talents; Fourth, the operation of global integration

professionalism is paramount to Bauer. He always believed that management consulting should be a profession, not a business. Therefore, management consultants should always put the interests of customers in the first place, always follow the professional standards, and dare to tell the truth to customers with an objective and independent attitude. At the same time, each project must achieve the highest quality and perfection

practical significance of Marvin Bauer

today, Marvin Bauer's core value system still runs through McKinsey & company, because these ideas still have sustained vitality and practical significance

China has a relatively short history of moving towards a market economy, but the rapid development of China's economy over the past 20 years is encouraging. In the next 10 to 20 years, Wobbe once served as the chief technology officer and managing director of Engel group. China will certainly emerge a number of world leading multinational enterprises. For Chinese entrepreneurs with lofty ideals, the newly published legend of McKinsey may bring some thoughts of returning to nature

Marvin Bauer's success is a victory of vision, values, leadership and professionalism. Can the value and achievements of this victory become an intelligent resource for the development of Chinese enterprises? I would like to highlight three personal suggestions

I. professionalism

over the past 20 years, Chinese enterprises have grown rapidly from small to large, relying on an immature environment. Excellent Chinese entrepreneurs have a strong spirit of exploration and innovation, extremely sensitive market insight and the ability to capture various market opportunities, which are very valuable

however, once an enterprise becomes large and complex, specialization and professionalism are a hurdle that must be crossed. This requires an enterprise to adhere to high standards of ethics, rather than just focusing on short-term gains and losses. This also requires an enterprise to establish a complete set of management structure, processes and specifications in internal management, so that the decision-making is more based on objective facts, rather than drifting with the tide or just on a whim

II. "The same company"

we often find that the differences in behavior and culture between articles, blocks, and blocks of some domestic enterprises seem to be completely different companies. It is interesting to say that in many cases, when we serve some Chinese customers, we cannot simply introduce foreign best practices, because they may not be applicable to the actual environment in China, but help customers find, summarize and improve the best practices worthy of promotion internally

in fact, there are many good internal experiences, but it is precisely because of the obvious or covert segmentation and their own policies that they cannot form a joint force in the whole company. If we say that some large companies abroad suffer from "big enterprise disease", many large companies in China suffer from "small enterprise disease". They can not really give full play to their scale advantages and waste valuable resources δ The unit of normal stress is megapascal

III. people oriented

the biggest bottleneck for Chinese enterprises to become world leading enterprises is talent. Excellent compound talents with international vision and strategic vision, as well as strong operational ability and profound understanding of the domestic market, who are skilled in both human and administrative management, are urgently needed in many enterprises; There is also a shortage of cutting-edge talents in some professional and technical fields. For Chinese enterprises, it is a long-term commitment to be optimistic about the future market opportunities of battery materials to establish an enlarged layout of employees, and it is crucial to create a mechanism to attract, cultivate and motivate talents. (end)

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