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Chinese American professor invented nano printing technology Zhou Yu, a Chinese American professor in the Department of electrical engineering at Princeton University, recently won the "2004 credo Brunetti Award" for his innovative breakthrough in nanotechnology research

the nano printing technology invented by Zhou Yu, in addition to being published in science and nature, was also selected as one of the top ten emerging technologies that will affect the future world by the journal Science and technology review published by MIT. Zhou Yu said that the two major goals of the laboratory are to develop new nano manufacturing technologies, produce high-quality and low-cost nano equipment, and combine nanotechnology with other technologies to develop electronic, photoelectric and magnetic storage equipment

Zhou Yu graduated from the Physics Department of the University of science and technology of China in 1978. He received a postdoctoral degree from the Massachusetts Institute of technology in 1986. He taught at Stanford University and the University of Minnesota. In 1997, he applied to Princeton University to preside over the "nanostructure laboratory"

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